Panoramic Photographs

To create 360º panoramic photographs — great for interior or exterior photographs — Chris Paulis Photography uses full-frame Canon1D series camera bodies, a precise panoramic head, specialty L-Series professional lenses. We also promise that we will get the job done quickly, using either single exposures or up to 7 bracketed exposures per view, which we merge using HDR software after the shoot to create high-quality, bright images. We can usually be in and out in under an hour for a single pano! If you need to combine multiple panos to create your own virtual tour, we can do that at pricing that goes down as the number of panos goes up!

Pricing starts at $300 for a single panoramic comprised of single-exposure images. Whether you are a realtor looking to upgrade your listings, an architect or building manager showcasing your work, or a museum desiring to create an online virtual tour, Chris Paulis Photography can get the job done. If you want to take your panoramic to the next level so that clients can interact, zoom in, see the space turn as they turn their cell phone or iPad, and even want to create hotspots with links to images, information, and even other panoramic as if walking through a complex space, check out our 360º Virtual Reality photographs!

Model Cottage, Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant

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