Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is about producing images that portrait a property, a design, or products in a way that is accurate and precise. This requires technical expertise that controls light, composition, color, and perspective and eliminates distortions and distractions.
We accomplish this through the use of specialty lenses, off-camera flash, and manual or HDR (high dynamic range) exposures.

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Real Estate Photography

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Chris Paulis Photography offers technical services in imaging residential and commercial properties. We use only the best professional equipment: including full-frame Canon1D series camera bodies, wide-angle tilt-shift lenses, and other specialty L-Series; and remotely fired off-camera flash to control lighting across the entire image. Whether you are a realtor looking to upgrade your listings or an interior decorator seeking images for your portfolio, Chris Paulis Photography can get the job done.

Interior Design & Architecture

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Architecture and Interior Design imaging require the same equipment and basic skills as real estate photography; however, they demand a higher attention to detail and collaboration with the designer or architect to capture the vision and distinctive details that they have in mind.

Chris Paulis Photography has extensive background in this type of imaging. We work closely with commercial clients to capture the look and mood they wish to display through publication or in their portfolios.

Product & General Commercial

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Product and general commercial photography, like other forms of the craft require technical expertise and artistic sensibility.

To do such jobs effectively, you have to identify the client’s goals and plans for the resulting images. Some jobs call for precision lighting and backgrounds, similar to the demands of portrait lighting — control of light direction, dimensionality, color balance, and many other factors.

360º Virtual Reality Photography

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Chris Paulis Photography offers a new product to showcase your property: 360-degree Virtual Reality Photographs. This new technology posts a link on your web site which, when clicked from a smart phone, tablet, or even desktop computer, allows the visitor to navigate 360 degrees and up and down. What’s amazing and unique about this is gyroscopic control: All the user has to do is turn with their phone or tablet, and the landscape turns with them. If they see something they want to look more closely at, they can zoom in.

This is very interactive and high-resolution. Your web site visitors can give themselves a tour of any areas of your facility! Please contact me if you would like to explore the options!