Head Shot Gallery

Head shots may seem simple, but they are actually rather demanding. To do them well, you must control the lighting ratio, direction, and quality; set a custom white balance; coordinate clothing and background to bring attention to the face; and pose the subject in a way that is most flattering. Much of what I learned in earning the Certified Professional Photographer credential comes into play as I attempt to address all these things while taking as little of the client’s time as possible!

  • Jan-Makela
  • Michelle-Deaver
  • Rachel-Berkoff
  • Eric-Simon
  • Keenan-Robinson
  • Team-Cam-Lady
  • Latina
  • Black-Woman
  • Josh-Whaley
  • Brooke-head-shot
  • Elisia-head-shot
  • Howard-head-shot
  • Marie-head-shot