Event Photography

What do all events have in common? FUN. If you hired a photographer to document your occasion, then you want (and deserve) imagery that highlights the celebration and enjoyments — photography that images the magical moments of your day! Our event services include the full range of private and corporate events, and our pricing gives you the most flexibility in how you spend the product credits from the package you choose. We photograph reunions, parties, weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events; and we can also bring printers on location to produce and sell high-quality prints.

The key to effective event photography is working in Manual mode in camera, using off-camera flash to light and fill your subject, but using ISO and shutter speed to bring in enough of the ambient light of the background to provide context and drama!

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Parties & Mitzvahs

family portrait

When you have a special event — birthday, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah — you want your photographer to be able to capture the important moments as they happen. This cannot happen if your photographer does not use off-camera lighting to freeze the action and convey the drama, while at the same time conveying the mood of the occasion.

This calls for technical expertise as well as relational strength and a passion for capturing memorable moments!

This is why one of our slogans is “imaging magical moments.”


commercial photography

Weddings are events on steroids! To be good at them, a photographer has to have experience with wedding timelines, skill at making excellent portraits, and endurance to move through the inevitable stress of a long day. If your photographer does not use off-camera flash and shoot in manual mode, then the ever-changing lighting situations that are common to weddings and receptions will be too much for his competence.

At Chris Paulis Photography, we listen to your plans and expend great effort to design competition-calibre images, ones that you would be proud to hang on your walls.

Be aware, though, that excellent photography services do not come cheap. We will not undervalue our expertise. And you will get what you pay for!

Corporate Events

Bar Mitzvah

Corporate events are really no different from other types of events. They feature low lighting conditions and rapid action that demand the highest skill and patience (as well as state of the art equipment) of the photographer.

Use of off-camera flash and high-end cameras is a must for corporate events.

Chris Paulis Photography also has the capability to set up location printing, location portrait studios, and supply you with digital images from your important events. All of these can be built into the package that you negotiate.