Product Photography

Does your business rely on product sales and need to showcase them in print or online? If so, we are your ticket to stunning images that can boost your sales. We control sharpness, color, reflections, and overall impact to accomplish the goals you set for your project. From simple product stills to complex, multi-image, tack-sharp composites to 360º animations, we get the job done professionally! What are your options and how expensive are they? That depends on your goals and the uses you intend for your images, and we work with you design a process to accomplish those goals as economically as possible. For detailed information and pricing, please visit my Maryland Product Photography web site by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Basic Product Stills: One Exposure

If you require only sharp focus in one area of the product but adequate clarity throughout, then single-exposure imaging is the most economical route to take. 


Bracelet Product Photograph


Single Exposure Pendant Product Photo

Complex Stills

If you require sharp focus across the entire product, then multiple exposures combined into one composite image is a must. Pricing is based on the number of exposures required to complete the job.

Product Photograph Image stacked

Single-Exposure Images

Single-Exposure Product Photograph
Single-Exposure  Product Photograph
Single-Exposure Product Photograph
Single-Exposure Product Photograph

Multi-Exposure Composite Images

Focus-Stacked Product Photograph
Stacks Image 38946
Focus-Stacked Product Photograph
Focus-Stacked Product Photograph


If you need your product extracted or removed from the background to display on another — either your website or a different background — we can do that. Keep in mind that this adds to the cost of your imaging, as this can be a time-consuming process. Look closely at the extracted image below, and you’ll see the pattern of my web site where there was a black velvet background in the original.

Original Image

Product Photograph

Extracted Image

Focus-Stacked Extracted Product Photograph

Product Animations

For web sites we image products rotating on a turntable through 180º or 360º against either a white or a black backdrop. Then, with special software, we build an HTML5 animation that can be posted with zoom, forward, backward, and pause controls within an iFrame on your web site.

Pricing depends on the number of images required for the animation. This ranges from 19 for a 180º animation in 10º increments to 72 exposures for a 360º animation in 5º increments.

Extractions add greatly to the cost of animations since a single animation requires from 19 to 72 images.

Click the button below to view several sample animations.

Product Videos

When you need to showcase your product in action or use, product videos may be the best solution. We price these affordably and offer discounts for larger numbers of videos in a single order.