360-Degree Virtual Reality Photographs

Chris Paulis Photography offers technical services in imaging residential and commercial properties. An exciting new service that we now offer is 360-Degree Virtual Reality Photographs. This new technology posts a link on a web site which, when accessed from a smart phone, tablet, or even desktop computer, allows visitors to navigate 360 degrees and up and down to interact with the view. What’s exciting about this is that all the user has to do is turn with their phone or tablet, and the landscape turns with them: They view the site in the actual direction they happen to be facing. If they see something they want to look more closely at, they can zoom in.

This is very interactive and high-resolution, unlike other virtual tour products. Potential buyers can give themselves a tour of any areas of your facilities! Please contact me if you have questions or would like to explore the options! I would also appreciate any referrals!

Access the sample 360VR below to see what you could experience with your residential or commercial property. It also works well for parks, museums, and stadiums!

Model Cottage, Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant