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Chris Paulis Photography offers technical services in imaging residential and commercial properties. We use only the best professional equipment, including full-frame Canon1D series camera bodies, wide-angle tilt-shift lenses, and other specialty L-Series lenses. We also promise that we will get the job done quickly, opting to use bracketed exposures combined in HDR software after the shoot to create high-quality, bright images. We can usually be in and out in under an hour!

Pricing starts at $185 for homes up to $3000 sq. ft. Whether you are a realtor looking to upgrade your listings or an interior decorator seeking images for your portfolio, Chris Paulis Photography can get the job done.

  • Mongillo_Kitchen
  • Worthington_Blvd
  • Scata_Kitchen
  • Chapman_Dining
  • Chapman_Den
  • Wildwood_Bedroom
  • Bauer_Bed_&_Bath
  • Conord_Sunroom
  • Bright_Kitchen
  • Elmwood

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